Practices take place every Monday and Thursday at 5:30pm for the Men’s Team and 6:00pm for the Women’s. Our pitch and training ground is located at  75 Bank St. in Lebanon, New Hampshire (See below for a map).

There is no parking available for sports teams at 75 Bank St. Please park at 48 Spencer street, just past Geokon, and walk directly across the rail trail to the field.

Feel free to stop by! All you need is cleats (sneakers will do in a pinch) and a mouthguard. Contact us directly for more information at

Join Us

The Upper Valley Rugby Club is currently looking for players for both the Mountain Men, a Division 3 Men’s Team, and the Valkyries, our Division 2 Women’s team.

Our players range from their early twenties to mid-40s, and come from all walks of life. We include scientists, farmers, engineers, nurses, doctors, contractors and folks in the business world. Our inclusive group is united by the love of the game and a desire to have fun and keep fit. While helpful, previous experience and athletic ability are not required and all body-types are welcome to join us. We are dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all.

Rugby is a fast-paced and immensely fun game, combining the physicality of football with the speed and grace of soccer, while adding a unique camaraderie and social dimension enjoyed by over quarter of a million players in the United States. Played in teams of 15, the sport requires a wide array of skills and has positions for many different types of players!

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